John Gibson


In Memorium, Earth Protect Remembers Our Dear Colleague

Project Manager / Leader / Artist / Creative

John was a team leader, artist, and storyteller. His clients included The Discovery Channel, Activision/Treyarch, Electronic Arts, ABC, Hasbro, Sony Entertainment, Disney, Vivendi Universal, the Tolkien Estate and 3DO.

John spent his career helping organizations attain their project objectives and optimize their operations. He led teams, created education and training pipelines, contributed artistic leadership, and helped bring dozens of creative properties to market.

John had a character animation degree from Animation Mentor and has attended UNLV, UNR, The American Animation Institute, The Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts, and Landmark Education.

John volunteered his time as a basketball and soccer coach, created community programs and provided leadership for Landmark Education, a personal development company, and was the facilities director for the Malibu Foundation, which brings about 5000 children to the beach each year to participate in a beach clean-up and aerial art project.