Video Production Process

PHASE I – Discovery

The conversation begins with you: your goals, your mission, your sustainability achievements and your story which we can help you tell. We don’t just make videos; we help define why you do what you do and then help tell the people you want to reach. We will build a visual interpretation tailored to gain the results you want to achieve for your target audience. Once we know the story then we can choose and budget, timeline and decide where we want to go.

PHASE I – Consulting

Earth Protect Productions has world class filmmakers, animators and sustainability experts who will work with you to define what your organization is seeking to achieve through the video production; increased visibility for your sustainability program, image improvement, employee education, market engagement or video to augment your sustainability report. At this stage, we can develop the basic budget for the the visuals and written work that defines what you want to achieve.

PHASE I – Writing the Story

We will take our research and idea’s and put them into a script for interaction with you, we will then finalize the story to be told and begin to have a complete picture of how the story can be shared.

PHASE I – Pre-Production

Now is where the fun begins. In Pre-production, number of days of shooting, locations, overall look and feel and length of the final video are finalized. We will discuss motion graphics and animation, narration, music and effects. We will create storyboards and/or a script and animate them, if needed, to ensure that the overall look and feel of the piece is in alignment with your intentions.

PHASE II – Production

Production is where the magic happens. The people are interviewed, and locations are filmed. Being sensitive to your processes and schedule, experts, executives, employees, and sometimes even customers, will be allowed to expound about your company’s sustainability story, where you’ve come from and about the future you’re creating.

PHASE III – Post-Production

The easiest way to approach post-production is to think of a house coming together. Here we build the story, adding the animation, photographs, motion graphics, and titles, edit them together and create a clear and entertaining message.

PHASE III – Delivery

So you have worked hard and so have we. Let’s see what everyone thinks about it.

PHASE IV – Distribution

We will roll out a media campaign using your website, Earth Protect, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and other media channels to deliver on getting your story told. Our consultants and producers will set this up for you to run. And assist your team in optimizing your social media outlets. We can also work with you on Search Engine Optimization for your own site so the message is clear and can be found.