Mike Coté

Michael Coté is an experienced environmental engineer and climate change industry professional. He has worked in various aspects of the environmental industry since 1990, but for the past 12 years Mr. Coté has specialized in voluntary and compliance carbon markets including the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting and, the registration and verification of GHG emission reduction projects. In 2005, Mr. Coté co-founded Ruby Canyon Engineering Inc. (RCE), whose services primarily target methane-to-energy-type projects from vented and fugitive methane emission sources, renewable energy projects, as well as provide corporate GHG emissions inventory and management services.

In 2009, Mr. Coté led RCE’s effort to receive its ANSI-accreditation as a ISO 14065 GHG verification body, and received California Air Resources Board approval as a verification body in 2012. Since its accreditation, RCE has completed over 350 GHG validations and verifications throughout various GHG programs in the U.S. and Canada. In 2013 and 2014, RCE was voted “Best Verification Company in North America” by Environmental Finance magazine. Mr. Coté has been a resident of Grand Junction, Colorado for over 25 years and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science and Waste Management from Colorado Mesa University in 1997.